Thursday, August 13, 2009

First is the worst, right?

So, if the saying is correct, my first entry in my second blog should be the worst and it probably will be. Needless to say, I'm not quite sure why I'm starting this blog (my personal blog) but I feel like I should have one. Maybe I should use the excuse that it'll be a way for my friends and family to keep up with me when I move. On the other tip of the scale, I'm not quite sure I'll let anyone read this.
Perhaps, blogs are like anything else- it takes awhile to get good at. I mean, I sit here thinking that my life is not too interesting. Well, I mean, it is to me, but probably not even for my dog, let alone anyone who can read. (Speaking of, Biscuit is asleep behind me on the floor.) BUT, I sort of half way enjoy reading some of my friends' blogs. Maybe this blog will encourage me to take more photos just to capture great moments or the beauty of life. I've always had an eye for beauty and would love to capture it in a box that would allow it to live forever, but not even the best camera in the world can see the exact same beauty I can. It's not necessarily about seeing the beautiful thing, it's about feeling it- touching, tasting, smelling and feeling with ever once of your energy. If there's one thing I wish I could take a picture of it'd be love. I don't mean the act of loving. I mean the actual energy that IS love. Is there such a thing? Yes, I believe so. Have you ever looked into a person's eyes that are in love? Maybe before a wedding or while they're holding their child? You can feel the love. THAT'S what I'd like to capture with my camera. In some ways I can. 
In my first year of studying photography in college, I wanted to shoot a project that revolved around emotions. I distinctly remember telling my teacher that I wanted to capture every emotion. She asked if it would be real or reenacted. I said real. She then explained that she didn't think it would be easy because people act different when there's a camera around and she's completely right. Take weddings for example. Couples pay me a rather nice amount of money to capture the love and emotions surrounding their 'once in a lifetime' day. However, people become so uptight around my camera that they forget to let their love shine through. Maybe I should hide my camera in a purse with a hole like they do in spy movies. 
Well, I suppose that is enough ranting for tonight. Maybe I'll post some pics....maybe. I dunno.
So, how was my first blog? Hopefully, everything will be uphill from here.

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